About Early Years

Statement of Purpose

Ballygawley Early Years Playgroup aims to provide a stimulating safe and learning environment for children from ages of 3 to 4 years to develop through play as equals whilst acknowledging their individual needs. We aim to give them the opportunity to develop as valued individuals.

  • To learn through play in a safe, stimulating environment
  • To enjoy the company of other children, interact and socialise
  • To build relationships with adults away from the family in a safe environment
  • To take part in a group which values everyone, whatever their race, gender, cultural background or special needs
  • To develop his/her own character with the encouragement and support of adults
  • To grow in self-confidence encouraging the ability to choose from a range of activities in a caring environment
  • To develop independence of their own by managing apart from parents/guardians
  • To encourage basic recognition of letters and numbers through play in preparation for school

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere with approachable staff to help create effective communication between parents and practioners. When parents and practioners work together, the results have a positive impact on the child's development and learning. We currently employ 4 qualified child care workers, who follow the Highscope programme.

Admissions Policy

Ballygawley Early Years playgroup is open to all children from ages of 3 to 4 in the local community regardless of religion, race, culture, social class, ability or disability. Ballygawley Early Years Playgroup has currently 42 funded places. All places funded by the Pre-school Education Expansion Program (PEAGs) will be allocated to children in their final pre-school year who are resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission. Occasionally Ballygawley Early Years Playgroup may be able to offer fee paying places for children aged 3 and over, however playgroup only maintains a small number of these places and we operate a first come, first served basis for fee paying placement. For further info please speak with playgroup leader.

Charges and Fees

All children are required to pay a £25 registration fee at the beginning of the year.

(As per the Pre-school Education Group) (PEAGS)

If your child has been allocated a PEAGS/free place, you are required to pay a £20.00 break fee every month. Break money not only covers the cost of food, but also cleaning essentials such as toilet roll, hand wash and paper towels. The break fee can be paid on a monthly basis on the first week of every month or can be paid by term.

If your child is allocated a ‘free place’ and you do not avail of the full five-day week, an additional fee will be payable at the discretion of the committee. This is due to a loss of core funding from the Education Board. It is vital that your child attends five days a week as it helps the child’s overall development.
  • One Day (£6)
  • Two Days (£12)
  • Three days or more (£18)
Parents that have two children attending the preschool as paying places will get a price reduction as the second child will be half price.

Registration and Insurance

Ballygawley Early Years Playgroup is registered with The Southern Health and Social Care Trust and is inspected by them annually to ensure that we are implementing the guidelines in the minimum standards. We are also a member of the ‘Early Years Organisation for Young Children’ and is regulated and inspected by The Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI).

Public Liability Insurance for the playgroup is provided by Sterling Insurance Company Ltd. A copy of the certificate is displayed in the foyer.

Holiday List 2015 / 2016

Ballygawley Early Years Playgroup Holiday List